You've Got a Friend in Jesus

In this third week of Lent, verses 5-29 of the Gospel lesson (John 4:5-42) convey a story of spiritual transformation and illustrate a divine friendship that cuts across culture and transcends time. The Samaritan Woman’s encounter with Jesus at the well still speaks to us saying, “You’ve got a friend in Jesus.”
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I would like to share a modified version of the message I delivered on Sunday morning. My focus was on CHOICES. I believe that through the choices we make, we have an opportunity to witness to our faith more often than we realize. Using the familiar story of the three Hebrew boys in Daniel 3:28 as the text of the sermon, I pointed out three choices that the Hebrew boys made that we should apply to daily living.
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Great is thy Faithfulness

Today, we will celebrate Ash Wednesday by offering two opportunities for worshippers to receive the imposition of ashes: 12 noon and 7 p.m. Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent and is followed by 40 days of fasting or abstinence. For many Christians, we are intentional during our time of fasting to seek to draw closer to God. We remember what will ultimately be the “Good Friday” experience, and then Resurrection Sunday. It heightens our awareness and sensitivity to how far God is willing to go to offer us salvation and eternal life.
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You First Fell in Love with God

Today, I greet you filled with an excitement and joy on the inside, that comes directly from God! I pray for you and yours, and that you too are experiencing the goodness of God in your life. I want to take time today and follow up on conversations that began on Sunday, during and after my sermon, “Love Is An Action Word.” I am so grateful to God for quickening our spirits such that we have become more sensitive and attentive to how we love on each other. Cascade IS a very loving church that has been called by God, and consistently answers the call, to be the Light! I believe that on this past Sunday, God made a fresh call to us, Cascade. The call simply put, is to Love the way You Used to Love, when You first fell in Love with God.
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Heart Healthy

It’s Monday evening. As I sat down to prepare this blog, I revisited one of the many devotions I read daily. This one comes out of Proverbs and it says, “Above all else, Guard your heart, for everything you do comes out of it” (Proverbs 4:23). Another translation declares, “Keep your heart with all diligence; For out it spring the issues of life.” Of course, the writer of Proverbs was offering advice to readers on how to live life free of the things that are not of God--malice, jealousy, envy, and the like. And I agree that this is certainly good advice to live by. However, I am reminded that we are also in the midst of a “Heart Healthy” campaign, which places emphasis on us doing the things that keep our hearts physically healthy.
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