Quick Action Team

It seems like it’s been a long time since I shared with you from this venue. I hope that you, too, have enjoyed the varied sharings from our very gifted and diverse Pastoral staff. We will continue to offer opportunities for them to share with you throughout the year.
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Catch on Fire

Have you checked your temperature lately? During the chilly moments of this winter season, many of us are mindful of wrapping ourselves up to keep warm. Whether we cling to our overcoats or scarves, boots or mittens, most of us recognize that living a healthy lifestyle requires us keeping our bodies warm.
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How's My Love Life?

The events of this week – the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, the evil tweets, Presidential Inauguration, and especially Cascade’s Commitment Sunday – have caused me to ask myself, “How’s my Love life?” The emotional highs and lows are real for all of us. If left unattended, they can cause discomfort, pain and grief. So, I went to scriptures for a self-check, renewal, and strength for the journey. Instead of a dictionary definition, Paul gives a thorough description of what real love looks like and emphasizes behaviors that are inappropriate to followers of Christ.
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When God Change Your Heart!

As we continue to sing praises and give thanks to God for Jesus and for bringing us safely through 2016, let us maintain an attitude of prayer for the year ahead. God wants to do a new thing, mighty works, in and through us in 2017 and we have to be ready to meet the challenges that will surely come. Allow God to strengthen you by not only reading the Word, but also by hearing the Word and being obedient to it. Open your hearts, minds, souls and spirits to the possibilities of the Divine intervening in your lives to bring about good for the masses.
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Increase Your Commitment

I would like to take this opportunity in the first blog of the New Year to wish each of you a very Happy New Year! I wish God’s richest blessings the entire year for you and yours. I know that many of you continue to practice the tradition of making resolutions. It’s not necessarily a bad practice if it causes you to search seriously on the inside and then make decisions to improve in areas of your life that will be beneficial to your future. Of course, I think it makes more sense to do this kind of soul searching all year long. Resolving to modify behavior as you become aware of the need at least once a year beats not ever changing to become a better you.
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