Gift Confirmation

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Please fill out the following form below to submit your gift confirmation. For more information about funds, see our list of Endowed and Non-Endowed Funds.

Part I: Confirmation

Please read the specifications for each type of designation, and then choose one below.

  • General Endowment: Adding your gift to the church’s General Endowment Fund.
  • Restricted: Adding your gift to a specific Endowment Fund.
  • Named Endowed Fund: Establishing and endowed fund in a person's name to be used as part of the General Endowment fund or a specific Endowment Fund. (A minimum of $25,000 is needed to endow a named Endowment Fund.)
  • Unrestricted Gift to the church (not an endowment gift): A gift to the church to be used as decided by the Church Council.
  • Restricted Gift to the Church (not an endowment gift): A gift to the church be used for a specific area or purpose.

Please read the following form and amount options for your Legacy, and then choose one below.

  • Estimated Amount: Either Fixed amount or a percent. Since estates fluctuate in value over time, designating a percentage of your estate vs. a dollar amount will maintain the proportionate value of your gift.
  • Cash Amount: This includes cash and other liquid assets.
  • Specific: A specific Legacy Gift is one in which you designate specific assets to your church, such as real estate, artwork, stocks, bonds.
  • Residuary: The church is bequeathed all or part of the remainder of your estate after other legacy gifts, debts, taxes and expenses have been paid.
  • Contingent: A legacy gift to the church takes place only if the beneficiaries named in your will predecease you.

Part II: Acknowledgement

By submitting this form, I understand that I am NOT making a legal, or binding, commitment by submitting this acknowledgement. Furthermore, the church should understand that the size of my future gift might be significantly different from the amount estimated above for the purposes of valuation.