God is Our Everything!

Greetings Cascade Family and Friends,

Psalm 23 has always been a favorite scripture for me.  I shared with you on Sunday in hopes that you will experience the Joy and Peace I have, as I remember and receive the promises of God found in this scripture.  David paints a powerful and vivid picture of God’s loving kindness and goodness to us on a personal level.  In only six verses, the psalmist emphasizes God’s faithfulness and abiding presence in both good and not-so-good times. He assures us that regardless of the circumstances we face in life, our majestic God is willing and able to take care of His people.

God is and wants to be our Shepherd. Our faith relationship with Him is the foundation on which all the other promises are built. God is a caretaker—He makes us rest so He can restore us. He protects and corrects us. He is our keeper, director, comforter, and provider.  That’s who God is—our EVERYTHING!

As our Shepherd, God is always present to provide our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. God continues to strengthen our souls through our relationship with Him. Because God is “my” Shepherd, I am not afraid, even in the valley experiences of life. God promises never to leave or forsake us. His presence surrounds us and His grace continues to be evident in our abundance. Ultimately, God’s Love, covered in mercy will be with us until the day of Jesus’ return, when we will all join Him in heaven throughout eternity.

Cascade, in the midst of so much uncertainty, I hope you will find that “Blessed Assurance” in your relationship with God.  Know that Peace will dwell in your heart when you “Trust God with Everything.”

Blessings……………… Pastor Lawrence L. Young