Let Jesus Fix It For You

Greetings Cascade Family and Friends,

This week’s blog is a recap of the Sunday message, “Let Jesus Fix It For You.”  I am totally convinced that as we go through life, we will have opportunities and challenges that will cause us to look to God for direction.  I am also confident that God is not only willing, but He is also “well able” to help us in any circumstance we may find ourselves.  While I am confident that God will respond in faithfulness, I am not as certain that we are always as real with God as we should be.  For this reason, I offered three perspectives to consider as we search for peace and answers from God:

  1. We must be INTENTIONAL about our approach to God.  In other words, we must aggressively seek God.  The woman with the issue of blood had to get to Jesus, which involved finding Jesus’s location and going there.  She sought Him out, and found Him!  The good news for us is we don’t have to go anywhere.  All that is required of us is to simply invite Jesus into our hearts.  Immediately, we have the presence of God living inside of us.
  2. We must be SPECIFIC in our PURPOSE!  The woman had a specific problem that she wanted Jesus to fix.  First, she acknowledged her problem; then she went looking for an exact answer to solve it.  We, too, must be willing to admit to God what we need Him to fix in our lives.  Denial doesn’t work.  What is more, God already knows.  He’s just waiting for us to surrender—to admit it and come to Him for help.
  3. Seeking God must be a FAITH-DRIVEN mission.  In other words, without a shadow of doubt, we must believe that God can fix whatever needs to be restored.  Of course, we all know that our God is sovereign!  He is all powerful and can be trusted to provide what we need.

Stop worrying. Start praying.  Be of good cheer. No matter what the problem, God can solve it!


Pastor Lawrence L. Young